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Name: Collagen peptide
Product Description:
Collagen peptide is extracted from non-polluted fish skin of deep sea and fish scales collagen and refined by modem biological engineering method such as composite enzyme gradient directional enzyme cutting technology, etc. Its unique low molecular structure can quickly and effectively complement collagen nutrition that human body has lost.
Product Function:
>>Body-building- Moisturizing and whiten tight skin and remove freckle, regulate female endocrine system and reshape vigor figure.
>>Strengthen bones to absorb calcium.
>>Delay aging- Enhance immunity; prevent and treat sub-health; delay aging of skin, nail, hair and functional organs of human body. It has a certain function of preventing and curing diseases.
Collagen is known as skin of the skin, bone of the bone with collagen peptide as its essence and suits for young and old. Everybody needs it.
Application Scope:
∮Body-building products- Keep corneous layer moisture and fibrin structural integrity, improve skin cell survival environment, make oral taken, it can have a positive effect in female endocrine regulation.
∮Cosmetics-It can be moderately added in paste frost, facial mask, water agent, facial cleanser and makeup products to improve products’ quality.
∮Liquid dairy products- Used in milk drinks, fresh milk, yogurt or directly added in milk, improve nutritional value, enhance intelligence and strengthen immunity.
∮Products for supplementing calcium- Its special hydroxyproline can be used as a carrier to promote bone to absorb calcium, accelerate skeletal development and suit for developing new supplementing calcium for all age groups.
Technical Index
Moisture %
Ash %
Protein %(dried basis)
Peptide %(dried basis)
Molecular Weight (Dalton)
As (mg/kg)
Pb (mg/kg)
Sulfur Dioxide (mg/kg)
Peroxide (mg/kg)
Total Plate Count (cfu/g)
Coliform group (MPN/100g)
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